A day at work with Mum

Its only natural that as our children grow older they are curious to what we do in our day to day routine and lives away from home.

Away from the washing of dirty laundry,
away from delicious cooking on the burning stove,
away from school drop off and collections,
away from the nagging of chores and the pleas to eat one more mouthful of greens before we can allow desert,
away from the organisation of soccer training and field games,
away from the disappointment of poorly aimed toilet breaks,
dare I mention the dreaded scolding of unfinished homework each afternoon.

My son Declan had only just been discussing with me days earlier how he would like to become an architect when he gets older and build an 80 story high building where he would be at the head of his empire with business name suggestions and all… “Vertical Solutions” has a nice ring to it, he says.

Declan has been interested for a little while to visit my work and after arranging a suitable time with my boss, it was confirmed that I could take my not so little freshly turned 9 year old to work for the day to see what the big world is all about!

The adventure begins…

After driving for 20 minutes, admiring the street art at the station and catching the train over the Brisbane River in full sight of the big city for 30 minutes and then walking for 15 minutes through the crowded city intersections and pathways, we finally made it to my building. Declan was very overwhelmed with how much time and effort it took me to travel to work. I found this was important for him to understand the lengths that I go to everyday to get to and from work as well as having to go pick him up from school also, which inturn will help him appreciate the finer things in our lives.

Declan found it exciting that I had to ID check with security on the way in and loved that we had to travel to the 18th floor to get to my office. At first he was very shy amongst my office colleagues, due to the number of employees in my unit. I had him help me bind some important documentation for our International Holiday Adventure Programs, he was very good at that and had a sense of accomplishment after completing 3 of them. But mostly he played his IPad and was treated to a gourmet burger at Grill’d for lunch.

He needed to go to the bathroom, naturally I didn’t feel comfortable letting him go into the Male toilet unaccompanied so I waited for him nearby where I could see him exit without seeming creepy to any fellow male colleagues who may need to go at the same time. Sure enough I see my new boss head in there, cringing at the thought that Declan was taking a while and might be making embarrassing noises or something to give my boss an awful first impression. Finally Declan finishes and exits the vicinity and we head back to my desk.

A little time goes by and I think it would be nice to introduce Declan to my new boss. So we waltz over to his office and I gently push my son in there bracing my hands on each of his shoulders and say “This is Declan, thank you for letting him come in for the day” He looks down at Declan above the lenses of his glasses with his ex school principal eyes and replies “Yes, we met earlier”… immediately I am mentally cringing knowing that the only time they would have seen each other was in the bathroom earlier (my goodness! I hope Declan washed his hands). My boss proceeds to say “He said it was very boring here in the office”. Shocked! I said “Really, did he say that” he says “Yes” with a still gaze, whilst Declan looks up at me with the I know I’m in trouble when we are alone face.  As you could imagine we said our good byes with a nervous giggle and parted.  At this stage I’m still wondering what else went on in that bathroom “meet n greet” between my new boss and my son. For the record Declan apologised later that day and explained that he didn’t know it was my boss, which came to another lesson learnt that he should be on his best behaviour no matter who it is that he meets!

Anyway… forgetting about that little embarrassment.  We finished up our day, commuted home to get ready for soccer training and a late take away dinner for us! Go, Go, GO!

This was a good day of learning for my young growing boy.  He understands that my day is pretty full on and even better! that if he wants to pursue his dream job he has to work hard for it.  Oh!… and I still get to keep my job!

Gold – World Poetry Day

In a world full of ineptness, It’s easy to portray hate to all

we are scrutinised so critically  it could captivate a brawl

It is easy to become a lioness with a back stabbing claw

Despite my golden ticker, the gashes are enthralled

The real challenge is to entice with a true smile

Absorb some pride and rise above all the hype for a while


-In honour of World Poetry Day and my son-

Bucket List – Life Goals


Death is such a dark and scary topic to bring up, but it’s something that will eventually happen to all of us.  As daunting as that may be to hear, everyone treats their mind and bodies differently.  Some of us choose to eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise regularly or completely the opposite.  This is not aimed to encourage giving up on yourself, more to promote that sometimes its good to be a little bit bad and that we all should be living a balanced, happy and fulfilling life while we are still present.  So, don’t be too disciplined, give yourself a break, live a little more,  be a good person and let out your inner bad bitch!

Are you proud of what you have achieved in life so far? It is never too late to start now.

In saying that, I have a bucket list below entailing some personal life goals I see fit to enable a perfectly balanced life.

Learn a different language
Become worldly and gain the knowledge of a second language. Attend classes in your local area or download an application on your smart device.  Ashton Kutcher told me personally to download this one called “Duolingo” an application that allows you to learn multiple different languages, with the option to teach you how to flirt. I have
chosen French.  Il fait chaud ici, ou bien est-ce juste oi? Meaning: Is it hot in here, or is that just you?  It’s great if you have connections with real celebrities,  which is why I would like to go a head and retract my comment about Ashton Kutcher. I don’t know him What-so-ever, I just follow him on social media. Oops!

Go on an adventure
The first place I ever visited overseas was Bali with my family at the age of 13.  Travel is strongly advised. Roam the world and meet a variety of different people.  Climb a mountain with your friends, early enough to see the sunrise. You might surprise yourself with how accomplishing it feels. I have also visited Thailand on a girls trip and visited Singapore, Bangkok and Phuket. I learned how to shoot rifles, ride elephants and relaxed in the comfort of the Shangri-La Hotel where I wore a robe, drank cocktails and ate at high teas.  Just pick a place and GO! Vacate through Europe, I visited one of the Greek Islands called Santorini for my best friends wedding in Oia.  I will forever have a memory of the picturesque view of the clear blue water by the mountains of white and blue cave like houses, late blazing sunsets, Ian Rosé and cocktails amongst life bonding friendships.

Do something entirely selfish
Being selfish isn’t so easy to do, unless you are self dependant.  Everyone has their challenges.  whether you work to much or have unique life circumstances, you must find the will to do something entirely for yourself even if its only 10-30 minutes a day. Go for a walk 6 days a week,  Attend an art class, Join a pole dancing fitness group, visit the beach and meditate to the crashing waves.  Find the time and do it, even if it means setting an alarm to get up 1 hour early to achieve it.

Do something selfless
We all get so wound up in our own lives that sometimes we forget to ask others how they are going.  Don’t forget about your friends, help them when they are in need.  Sometimes people are too afraid or stubborn to ask for help, visit them and check on them from time to time.  Even better help a complete stranger or even give to charity.  Make it a habit.

Learn about music
Ancient, classic, modern contemporary, RNB or rap music.  Learn the roots of music and connect emotionally. Its therapeutic, listening to your favourite beats and becomes expressive to our inner demons. Even better, learn a musical instrument or educate yourself with singing lessons.  Music especially singing can help you become more confident and boost your ability to speak publicly.

Learn First Aid
Medical knowledge that could potentially save someone else’s life or your own is a pretty handy thing to have.  Yes I know that I mentioned, we all die some day.  But that doesn’t mean we want it to be a short life.  So many people have illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and more and more people are suffering from allergic reactions everyday. Why not be prepared and find out how you can help in the event of an emergency that could be life threatening. Who knows you may be walking past a celeb like Tom Hardy one day and coincidentally take his breath away, Literally and get the opportunity to commence CPR.  But in all seriousness you could potentially save someone’s life who is very close to you.

 Play a team sport
 A part from my schooling years and the odd charity sporting event, I  never signed up to an actual team sport out of school until the ripe age of 25.  I wish I had of joined a sport in my earlier years.  There are so many qualities to a team sport, not only do you get the opportunity to form great friendships, you get the opportunity to really mould your emotional intelligence, learn how to work really hard with dedication towards a team goal and create team morale, stay extremely fit and potentially stay out of trouble or avoid the wrong crowd growing up. The earlier you get involved the better, however it’s never too late to start getting active… even just a casual game of touch footy for beginners would be a good start.  I played Gridiron for my first team sport as a TE on the Offense Line, the technical strategy of the play book really stimulated my mind.  Highly recommended!

Take cooking classes
There is nothing more attractive than someone who knows how to cook and even better, someone who is a good cook! Learn to cook your favourite cuisine, host a dinner party and set your standards high, HELL even aim for a degustation menu.  Degustation’s are a lot of work, but are worth the achievement if you love a challenge. Get cultural and try learning how to make a dish from each of your favourite countries.

Fall in love
Falling in love is not so easy, but it is magic no matter what form it comes in (good or bad). I am a fairly stubborn girl (If you share stubborn qualities you would know how extremely hard this is to admit) and I never thought I would be able to give in to love again after my previous experiences, but it’s imperative not to give up… You find love in the most unexpected ways. Sounds cheesy, but it’s the dud relationships that mould us into who we are and help us decipher what it is we really want in a relationship and how to go about it.  Those bad past encounters, help us define what love actually is and all those dud first dates make for pretty hilarious stories to your best friend. If you have already found love and it’s the lasting kind then keep that type alive and well, to the best of your abilities. If that doesn’t work, then aim for a different type of love. Love your pets, love your children or love a hobby or find something else stimulating to you. Loving in general is good for your soul!

Be honest with yourself
There is nothing more gratifying than being an honest person and being honest with yourself is the first step. Everyone has experienced self doubt in their life times. I very much dislike the feeling of doubt or like I have done the wrong thing, which is why being honest with yourself and others is empowering and self-fulfilling. That doesn’t mean that we go an rub it in to other people’s faces, just how good we think we are.  It is however, a self fulfilling confidence in life knowing you’re a good person who would never have ill intent.

Learn from your experiences
Make mistakes, but stop making the same ones.  Learn from every experience and move on to the next chapter with more knowledge.  Try to teach others your mistakes if they will listen. If they don’t listen, they will eventually learn and then they WILL wish they listened all along. In my experience if you are one of those people who repeatedly have the same mistake happen over and over… you’re clearly missing something.  Think harder and decipher what the real message is from the universe, you’re probably doing it wrong!  Make better choices.

Change to a healthier life style
Get into fitness, stay fit and change to a healthier more practical lifestyle. I don’t mean try endless  yo-yo diets and eat rabbit food for rest of your life,  just make healthier choices.  Cut a few things out of your normal diet during the week (like cheese, carbs and dairy) and indulge on the weekends instead.  Join an 8 to 12 week program and be disciplined during that time.  I highly recommend yoga,  its great for your well-being, eases stress, helps with blood circulation and increases your flexibility and is the least likely exercise to cause an injury. For those wanting to lose weight, try for a more intense workout like boot camp with functional exercises or a boxing/martial arts program. But most importantly look after your mind!  Depression is on the rise and its really easy to slip into the darkness after an array of mishaps that occur in day to day life (sometimes life just SUCKS!!!). Vent to someone close to you or seek guidance from a councillor or doctor if your thoughts are harmful to you or possibly to another and be honest about your true feelings.  Exercising and up-keeping an active lifestyle also helps produce endorphins which helps aid depression and anxiety when life gets too tough!

Read and write more often
Imagine how the world would be if the majority of us actually found the time to read more often, write more often and shared our knowledge.  Go back to university, study to your hearts content.  Writing is perfect for people who cant turn their brain off, get writing, put all that extra thinking to good use.  The world will evolve into a better place if we all just had that little extra education. Writing makes me happy.

Be rich
Easier said than done, right!?  WRONG!  You don’t have to have money to be rich and if you are very well off financially, stay humble and true to yourself because money changes people.  Some change for the better and some for the worst! I’m not financially rich but I have good values and perception with the ability to see the bigger picture and evolve as an individual… and that makes me rich.  I have watched families and friends close to me fight over money, business and lifestyle out of pure jealousy and it really isn’t pretty and is very damaging.  It’s so easy to look at someone elses life and think that you want what they have.  But it’s time you recognise the qualities you have that are unique to this world and stay true to them.  Don’t worry about other people’s success over your own. Everyone is so wound up on status these days…the first question people ask when meeting for the first time is “Hey, what’s your name and what do you do for a living?” … It can seem judgemental. It’s okay to ask those questions eventually when getting to know each other, if executed effectively with genuine interest. I am sure that we would all agree that the financial type of richness would be nice also…however be realistic and take it slow, work hard and stay motivated and you WILL achieve your goals.

Life is about balance.  Do everything in moderation in aim to live a happy one, by working on your knowledge and experience and creating lasting memories of the footprints you have left in this world.